Menstruation Relation

Whatever you call it “Period, Code Red, Time of the month, Aunt Flow, Monthly gift…etc” it actually has more significance than the obvious function of cyclically preparing the body for conception. The time every female starts her first menstrual period “menarche” differs between individuals. While some may start as early as 8 years, others won’t … More Menstruation Relation

“Aborted foetal tissue” to use or not to use ? 

…Is the conundrum that sparked public controversy and influenced funding and political support when the first of a series of videos of an undercover investigation went viral last summer [1]. But is the real dilemma here the use of foetal tissue? Because it doesn’t look like it is. What’s clear is that the unresolved subject … More “Aborted foetal tissue” to use or not to use ? 

“Ticktock…Ticktock”  No more biological clock! 

To women: Ever wondered what it’d be like if you can go through life without worrying about your “biological clock” or having to rearrange your longterm plans around it, in case you wanted to have children one day? Maybe have them whenever you’re ready? Well, the good news is that now you can! OvaScience, “a … More “Ticktock…Ticktock”  No more biological clock! 

Too good to be true ?

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) mainly in the form of IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) has proven to be a revolutionary tool in treating infertility. On the 2nd July 2012 The International Committee for Monitoring ART (ICMART) announced that since the birth of the first IVF baby Louise Brown on the 25th … More Too good to be true ?

“Lucky” YOU !

{the fittest of them all} Have you  ever wondered about the significance of being who you are? Or perhaps what makes you different from anyone else? Probably like most people, you did on some level. But what about what makes us all the same? (with the exception of about .00000003% of the world’s population which … More “Lucky” YOU !

The difference a “word” can make

Bangle, seesaw, pastry, enjoyment, sketch, tinsel, science, mint, enlarge, architect, toilet, dove, truffle, certification, fossil, hook, carpet, fur, gypsy, wolf, lawn, pudding, wing, cottage, shop, unscrew, doe, bug, queen, water, album, wheel, spice, lottery, fight, doctor, steam, kingfish, volunteer, snail, fossil, truck, refuse, butter, super bowl, foot, meteor, unwrap, sow, panther, waistband, bowl, sand, epic, … More The difference a “word” can make